5 Tips For The Perfect Instagram



5 Tips For The Perfect Instagram


1.     Consistency!
Keep your feed looking consistent, it will look more put together and also reflect that point in your life. Feeds change over time, but keeping them consistent makes them more aesthetically pleasing and easy to look at.

2.     Editing
In my opinion, VSCO cam and afterlight are the best editing/filtering apps out there. They’re great for adding that one little aspect that your photos may be missing. It’s important when editing to pay attention to detail, don’t over edit the entire photo (unless that’s the look you’re going for). Editing can be so much fun to play with, once you start playing around you’ll find what you like and then you can run free with that style as long as you want.

3.     Angles
Chairs and small step stools are fantastic for getting those hard to get shots. This could mean food or a styled collection of your new Burks, some lipstick and your bag for the day.

4.     Lighting
Light is your friend! Learn how to use it to your advantage; selfies will always look 100% better when well lit! Depending on what kind of vibe you want your photo to give off, you can play around with exposure and shadows and highlights.

5.     Have fun
Yes, as cliché as it is, no one will love your Instagram if you don’t. Think of it as an art project, you can play around and change it up and draw inspiration from others. Have fun with how you use the app, whether that means punny captions, bright colors, or retro vibes. Style your account to represent you, it will be unique and set you apart!


Good Luck! And remember to follow @juutsalonspa on instagram for everyday inspiration!

Bridezilla Buster

As most of us are still recuperating from 2014 and whatever it may have brought to the table, some of us are also exhilarated about planning the rest of their lives with their new fiancé! Let’s rephrase the latter: planning the ONE day that many brides await for with joy and anticipation: THE WEDDING DAY.

Six months from now approximately, the madness of wedding season starts along with many brides -to -be finalizing the plans.  By then most details will have been perfected:  The hair and make up team patiently awaits the bride and her demands, the dress fits sublimely, the final guests count is in, the vendors are all lined up and ready for the big day, the weather channel is checked daily, the plan B is in place in case of rain or worse (applies to Minnesota brides onlyJ), the venue awaits the hustle and bustle of a day sure to bring fun, laughter, love, and joy to all the attendants and especially to the acclaimed couple! One factor that could dim some of the excitement would factor the bride potentially turning into a BRIDZILLA!  The term became popular through the reality television series by the same name.  “Bridzilla” is a portmanteau word combining “bride” with the rampaging beast “Godzilla”, and is used to define a particularly difficult bride.  Many factors are to blame for a bride becoming a bridzilla: stress, financial concerns, time management, aiming for perfection, trying to please too many, et cetera…. The ONE big factor that I will touch on here is:  DIET! Many brides feel pressured to lose weight and look their absolute best in a short amount of time thus resorting to fad diets and trendy cleanses that are sure to awaken the “Godzilla” in any of us!

Dietary changes can trigger chemical and physiological changes within our brains that can alter our behavior and emotions.  The “diet brain” leaves us depressed, agitated and forgetful.  To avoid turning into the dreaded “bridzilla” can be as simple as implementing the 5 steps below:

Running on empty creates havoc on our moods.  Eating every 4 hours keeps blood sugar leveled.  Starting with a healthy breakfast (fiber, nutrients, lean protein good fats, whole grain carbs) makes us less prone to cravings.  Studies have shown that eating breakfast regularly leads to improved mood.

Our body needs carbs in order to produce serotonin (neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of happiness and satisfaction, and a mood regulator).  The connection between carbs and mood is all about tryptophan (building block to serotonin).  Depriving yourself of carbs will lead to binging on the exact things you are trying to resist.  Instead substitute simple carbs (candy, cookies, cake…) for complex carbs (whole grain, starchy vegetable and beans…).

A deficiency in omega 3 fatty acids is associated with depression, anger and hostility (all clear characteristics of a bridezilla!).  On the other hand, adequate amounts can improve brainpower and mood (beauty and brain is a great combo).  Saturated fat (bad fat) on the contrary is linked to depression, dementia, fatigue and feeling of sluggishness.

Implementing nutrient dense foods versus calorie dense foods is very important.  Selenium, iron, folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12 are all very important to our moods and our health.  Fatty fish, flaxseed, nuts and seeds, whole grains, beans and legumes, green leafy vegetables are all staples of an optimum diet for our physical health as well as our mental health.

Most brides do not skimp on expenses related to their dream day, to often get there burnt out mentally and physically with no sustainable long -term plan.  A wedding day is merely a glimpse into a lifetime.  Making nutrition changes targeted toward a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime of health versus ONE circumstantial day will be the best gift you can give yourself and your lifetime partner.  Visit www.moody-foody.com for highly customized and holistic plans to get you to a BrideBella and not a Bridzilla!

Liza Jackson is a Master Esthetician + Waxing Specialist at Juut Salonspa in St. Paul. For more information on keeping your cool while planning your dream day, pay her a visit! It will be good for mind, body and soul!  

FALL RESET: for couples

Fall is undeniably a very romantic time of the year.  Crisp air, beautiful colors, cozy sweaters and warm concoctions entice us to get close to our partners and feel the butterflies we once felt while getting lost in their gaze. As we all know, life happens, habituation settles in, kids need attention and eventually our priorities change and our partners are the last box to get checked off on our relentless ‘to do’ list.  So many of us engage in a multitude of cleanses and detoxes to reset our bodies and minds, I propose a 10 day RESET for couples intended to bring you closer to your partner, remember who you were before your emotional response to each other diminished because of repeated stimulus (habituation), and let you experience each other in the new, bright, shiny light of LOVE no matter how dimmed it has become

Activities can be done daily or broken up into different days depending on schedule, but has to be done for at least 10 days!

- A walk short walk together holding hands (great to do first thing in the morning to set the tone for the rest of the day).
- Pick a day each to catch up with each other, share dreams and activities.  Give your partner complete attention on his/her day and vice –versa, listen without judging and combat the urge to think about what you will say next….Active listening is mandatory.
- Refrain from any kind of criticism whether blatant, subtle, or sarcastic. Take a few deep breaths if the urge to criticize or complain overwhelms you (it’s only 10 days).
- Daily expression of 10 things you are grateful to each other for either verbally or in writing (you can get creative with this one and stick the note in a briefcase or lunchbox or as a bookmark in a book they are currently reading).
- Daily expression of 10 things that are good about the relationship.
- A daily “gift”.  Again room for creativity: cook favorite meal, gas up the car, make coffee, massage after a long day...
- Give each other one personal day, free of chores, duties and demands…the gift of personal time is underestimated, give your partner 24h to do whatever they wish (this may require some advanced planning if kids are involved).
- Try to plan an ‘adventure day’ at the end of the reset…pick a place together to enjoy each other, laugh a lot and completely disengage from life’s demands.
- Since we believe in holistic well-being, for 10 days, eat WHOLE FOODS, no processed or junk food.  Leaving room for some decadence while on the adventure day (sharing a dessert or favorite treat).

RESETS are great for couples but can also be done if single or with a friend. Our modern world can deplete us of energy and connection. We are wired for connection (not speaking of social media!). Disconnect and reconnect is a must once in a while!

Liza Jackson is a Master Esthetician + Waxing Specialist at Juut Salonspa in St. Paul. For more information of hitting restart this Spring, pay her a visit! It will be good for mind, body and soul!  

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