David grew up on a farm where he saw and experienced beauty in its most raw and natural form. By the time he was a teenager he knew he wanted more: more creativity, more beauty, and more aliveness.

Many of his interests came together simultaneously early in life. Creativity, beauty, and new modes of expression seemed to be exploding in him. David was lucky enough to be part of an expansive vision of beauty and well-being that has changed all of us: products in resonance with the natural world, haircuts that were sensual and cool, and business structures that were supportive of the staff and client’s needs.

For David, the subject of creativity quickly blossomed into the question of how to create a “great experience,” an experience that was not only meaningful, but perhaps life changing. From there David began attempting to define and create “a great life.” It was no longer enough for products not to be toxic, but he began to ask himself, “How can our everyday choices plus the products we use enhance the deeper well being of our lives?”

The Juut New Artist’s Academy, a graduate program for certified beauty professionals, and his Daymaker Project have been aspects of that interest. David noticed that the manner in which he focused his creative attention on a client could and often did, change their lives - and at times in deeply meaningful ways. From exploring the subject of the Quantum Perspective we now know that we cannot turn our attention on any field of energy without changing it. David began to understand what that meant when he saw his ability to care about his artists and his clients could be felt and even seen.

The Daymaker Project quickly leapt into the world outside of Juut when David self-published his book Life As a Daymaker. David and his team of Daymakers found that the capacity to “see” oneself as having beauty and personal value is integral to the ability to create a more fulfilling life.

Fusing creativity, beauty, and new modes of expression is still the vision of David’s life and is expanding in amazing ways. His wife and partner, Charlie, has brought her own talents of healing and inspired beauty into lives and into the lifestyle of Daymaking.


Since Charlie was a child, she has always drawn on the products of the natural world to create health, well being, beauty, and art. At a very young age, her Grandfather taught her the importance of nutrition with a strong life force. Because of his influence she has always had a deep love of the natural world; it’s beauty and it’s healing capacity.

Charlie decided to take her interest in lifestyles centered in whole foods, natural plant products, and essential oils to a deeper level when she and David moved their family to Maui where she began to study essential oils and hydrosols. Together with a small group of others, she started at the beginning and learned to hand-distill her own essential oils and hydrosols from native plants and herbs grown in the area. As her work began to move to a bigger scale, Charlie focused on the development of international sources for organic plant products and currently maintains a lab on Maui where she distills plants, fruits, and seaweeds with palatable healing qualities, in order to formulate conscious healing products. Much of Charlie’s work focuses on building support and training for the extensive staff at Juut.

The Wagner’s are passionate about creating beauty that is whole, begins at the root level of health, and expands into a full expression of one’s own uniqueness. Their work centered in evoking beauty through personal style, creativity, inner well being, outer health, and the opportunity for a full and original expression of oneself can make not only someone’s day, but enrich an entire life.