All Juut Salonspa locations in Minnesota and Arizona are now open! In order to receive a service at Juut, face masks are required. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a face mask, please contact the salon before booking. We will temporarily be suspending makeup services, along with some facials and dermaplaning, as a precaution. We have used the MN Board of Cosmetology recommendations as a guide. In order to experience your first appointment, we will be asking everyone to sign a service agreement which you can review here.


We are open! In order to experience your first appointment, we will be asking everyone to sign a service agreement which you can review here. Currently, we have three ways to request an appointment:

  1. Online booking will be open on our website for haircuts.
  2. We will have a portion of our staff available to answer text message inquiries at 650.328.4067.
  3. If you prefer to place a phone call or leave a message, our phone line is now open for booking. The same phone number listed above can be used to place phone calls and leave voicemails.

Due to the influx of appointment requests, expect a 48 to 72 hour delay in response time. We truly appreciate your patience as we do our best to reply to your messages. We are very excited to see you!



Contactless checkout available. Download the free Pocket Salon App. This app will allow you to check-in, purchase products, and checkout from the convenience of your phone!

Reduced blowout services. While we will open for hair services, we will be eliminating stand-alone blowout services and minimizing the air flow as much as possible while finishing our haircut and color guests.

We will greet you to begin our new entry procedure and share safety protocols. We ask that you arrive at your scheduled appointment time and no sooner. Our waiting area will remain closed. Upon arrival, we will be requiring each client to sign a service agreement acknowledging that they do not have symptoms, take their temperature, and sanitize their hands before beginning each service.

Service reservation required. At this time, we are not able to accommodate walk-in service guests.

Please wear a face mask. Please wear a face mask that loops behind the ears rather than ties behind the head. We are requiring all clients and employees to wear a mask when visiting Juut.

Bring an extra layer. Because face masks will be required, we will be turning our thermostats down a bit. Please bring an extra layer to ensure you’re comfortable.

Electronic payment only. We request non-cash transactions for all retail and service purchases.

Shop Aveda Online. If you prefer to do your shopping from home, you can now shop Juut for your Aveda products online. Select the link below based on the Juut Salon you typically visit.




St. Paul



Woodbury Lakes

Woodbury Store (Kowalski’s)



Palo Alto

A new greeting. You’ll be greeted by your artist in a way that avoids contact. While a hug or a hand shake are customary at Juut, we will be refraining from additional touch.

Social distancing. We will be staffing the salon at per the direction of state government in order to accommodate proper social distancing.

Visiting solo. Due to capacity restrictions we are unable to have clients invite children, family members, or friends to accompany them while they are receiving services.

  • MN and AZ: One additional person is allowed to accompany clients who are minor children or who may require assistance or supervision.
  • CA: Children under 12 years old may attend their appointment with a guardian. For anyone older than 12, the density guidelines do not permit a parent or guardian to accompany a client to a service.

Reduction in service offerings. As a precaution, we will be eliminating stand-alone blowout services, and some facials and dermaplaning until further notice.

Beverage offering suspended. Our complimentary beverage offering has been temporarily suspended.

We are thankful for your patience as we acclimate to a new way of serving you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Very sincerely,
The Juut Team