Cut & Color

Your experience begins with a customized consultation, balancing face shape, features and skin tone with the perfect haircut and color. Experience a Juut signature scalp, neck and shoulder massage followed by a shampoo, cut and styling lesson for at-home ease. From the quietest highlights to the most head-turning haircut, a hair service at Juut does more than change a shade or alter the length of your hair. It adds dimension, movement and expression. For specific pricing information, please visit our artists’ online profiles.


Master$120 - $220
Senior$95 - $105
Studio$75 - $85
New Artist$45 - $60

Hair Color Services

Bleach & Tone

Master$230 - $275
Senior$175 - $195
Studio$135 - $155
New Artist$85 - $105

One Step Color

Master$120 - $140
Senior$100 - $110
Studio$80 - $90
New Artist$65 - $75

Specialty Color Services: Balayage

Brighten your look with balayage – the subtle sweeping of hair color. Juut artists selectively create dimension through color, unveiling a customized look that is soft and natural. Balayage is rich, beautiful color, applied with artistic placement to complement your natural hair growth patterns. Customization allows for a more natural regrowth, extending the time between color services. Finish it off with a glossing service to add shine and manageability to your hair! For specific pricing information, please visit our artists’ online profiles.

Full Balayage

Master$270 - $325
Senior$225 - $245
Studio$165 - $195
New Artist$145 - $155
Glossing Treatment Add-On$30

Partial Balayage

Master$240 - $305
Senior$205 - $225
Studio$145 - $175
New Artist$125 - $135
Glossing Treatment Add-On$30


Spending too much time flat-ironing frizzies after blow-drying? Reduce your styling time with a Nano Complex Treatment. This treatment retexturizes hair without the use of harsh chemicals or fumes. The protein-based formula uses a unique blend of nano-complex amino acids, natural polymers and pure 24K nano gold molecules to retexturize, straighten and condition, giving your hair a shinier and smoother appearance. This treatment has been shown to leave hair in superior condition and release curls by up to 70%! The Nano Complex Treatment also grows naturally with no line of demarcation and lasts approximately three months on chemically-treated hair and 2 months on virgin hair. The best part about this treatment is that unlike many others, it is free of formaldehyde, aldehyde, thio, sodium hydroxide, cysteine, carcinogens, lye and ether commonly found in the most popular retexturizers.


Accomplish natural beach waves to composed curls and everything in between with a perm service at Juut. Our artists selectively create volume with a variety of techniques leaving you with the texture you desire. For specific pricing, please visit our artists’ online profiles.


Whether you’re prepping for a much-needed date night or are looking to create the perfect up-do for your wedding day, our artists are thrilled to share their talent and expertise to make your night (and your hair) one to remember! For specific pricing information, please visit our artists’ online profiles.

Special Occasion Hair

Master$240 - $310
Senior$190 - $210
Studio$150 - $170
New Artist$90 - $120

Bridal Hair + Makeup

Priced upon consultation

Specialty Styling Services: Blowout

Unsure whether a blowout or luxury blowout is right for you? Connect with our Guest Service team to determine which service will suit your needs, hair length, and texture!

Luxury Blowout

Master$120 - $160
Senior$95 - $105
Studio$75 - $85
New Artist$45 - $65


Master$80 - $100
Senior$65 - $75
Studio$50 - $55
New Artist$30 - $40

Specialty Styling Services: Extensions

Have you always wanted hair like Rapunzel? Good news! You can!! Hair extensions offer everyone the opportunity for beautiful, long hair or can be used in smaller sections to help you achieve your ideal style and thickness. Most hair extensions are nearly undetectable in the hair and more affordable than you might think! Schedule a complimentary consultation today to discuss which hair extensions are right for you and your lifestyle. Juut Salonspa offers four different kinds of hair extensions, including Capelli, Platinum Seamless™, Great Lengths®, and easiHair Pro. All extension applications are priced upon consultation.

Add On Treatments: Botanical Therapy

Botanical Therapy salon treatments give you luminous, healthy-looking hair. How? By tapping the wisdom of Ayurveda (the ancient healing art of India), combining the power of touch with aroma-therapeutic essential oils to create a healthy scalp – the foundation for beautiful hair. Breakthrough plant micro technology penetrates strands for intense moisture or repair with customized treatments to meet your personal needs -restoring balance to the ecosystem of your scalp and hair. Your hair will look healthier and shinier and feel soft and silky Experience Botanical Therapy treatments to bring out the full beauty of your hair.

Add On Treatments: Malibu

Hard Water: Your hair feels rough and dry, even when it’s wet. It’s hard to comb. It’s dull and lifeless. Color fades quickly, becomes brassy. Why? Hard water is hard on hair. The Hard Water treatment helps remove the elements of hard water and is followed by a conditioner to put moisture back into the hair. Chlorine: Your hair feels dry and brittle, gummy, crunchy, and clumpy. It tangles easily, and if you’re blonde, it has a bit of a green cast. If you’re a brunette, your dark locks are even darker. Chlorine builds up on the hair and does damage. The chlorine treatment helps remove the build up and is followed by a conditioner.

Add On Treatments: Glossing

The Glossing Treatment enhances color and shine to natural or color treated hair, while improving the overall shine & condition. Helps to seal the cuticle, which adds a layer of protection from everyday elements and can decrease color fading. Leaves hair feeling soft, looking shiny and healthy, and you feeling fabulous.



*In an effort to be cautious and protect our employees, clients, and the greater community, lip, chin, and cheek waxing services will be temporarily suspended to due COVID-19.

Free yourself from the tyranny of the tweezer. Effective, long-lasting and as painless as possible, waxing can flawlessly arch an eyebrow, smooth a leg and rid hair everywhere in between. For specific pricing information, please visit our artists’ online profiles. Waxing is not recommended for those who’ve recently used Retin-A, Renova, Differin or Accutane.


Master$45 - $50

Upper Lip

Master$30 - $35


Master$35 - $40


Master$35 - $40

Full Leg

Master$115 - $125

Female Brazilian

Master$105 - $115


Master$75 - $85

Full Arm

Master$85 - $95

Under Arm

Master$35 - $40


Our skilled artists will tint your eyebrows to the perfect shade matching your hair and complexion perfectly (this is not a waxing service). For specific pricing information, please visit our artists’ online profiles.

Eyebrow Tint

Master$40 - $45


*In an effort to be cautious and protect our employees, clients, and the greater community, facial services and dermaplaning will be temporarily suspended to due COVID-19.

Facials offer you the opportunity to work with a professional skin care specialist who will analyze your skin, help you improve your complexion and show you how to take proper care of your skin. A facial can give you a deeper cleansing than you will get at home and includes cleansing as well as exfoliation, which can help to unclog your pores. Extracting open comedones will also help rid the skin of acne.

While experiencing a facial at Juut, a skin care specialist or esthetician will choose the ingredients to help your skin type. Your esthetician may choose a mask to detoxify or hydrate your skin. By getting a proper analysis you will not only learn your skin type, but an esthetician will be able to create a facial experience that addresses your skin’s needs. Benefits of any facial include increasing cell metabolism to improve overall tone and texture, slowing down premature aging by using custom products, preventing wrinkles, increasing circulation and stimulation of the skin, and helping keep skin hydrated. Your skin care specialist will help soften the skin with steam, hot moist towels, and exfoliants all while choosing the combination of Aveda skin care products to best accommodate your skin.

The facial treatments we offer to accommodate your specific skin type and personalize your experience include Enbrightenment™, Green Science™, botanical skin resurfacing, tourmaline, Perfecting Plant Peel℠, and Outer Peace™. For specific pricing information, please visit our artists’ online profiles.

90-Minute Facials

Master$205 - $220

75-Minute Facials

Master$165 - $180

45-Minute Facials

Master$140 - $155

30-Minute Facials

Master$95 - $105


*In an effort to be cautious and protect our employees, clients, and the greater community, makeup services will be temporarily suspended to due COVID-19.

Adorning the body is as ancient as it is modern. Recreate your new look at home easily with Aveda makeup that is available for purchase at any Juut Salonspa location.

Makeup Lesson (60 Minutes)

Master$135 - $145
Senior$115 - $120
Studio$105 - $110

Makeup Application (45 Minutes)

Master$105 - $115
Senior$90 - $95

Bridal Makeup Package

Priced upon consultation

Unlicensed makeup artists start at $55.
All artist levels may be available at all locations.


Anticipating a special occasion or just hitting the beach for vacation? Low-maintenance Xtreme Lash eyelash extensions are essential in elongating and volumizing your eyelash for a stunning look!

Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions

Full application$300 | 3 hours
Three-week duration$175 | 115 minutes
Two-week duration$150 | 90 minutes
One-week duration$125 | 75 minutes
Removal$50 | 30 minutes